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I AM is a declaration for Americans

who are done being told who we are,

what we are,

and what we represent.

We are done being unrecognized,

labeled un-American and unpatriotic,

and forced to choose between who we are

OR being a proud American.

I AM is for the "other" Americans,

those of US who don't fit the brand

of America that Mainstream promotes

nation and worldwide.

The inauthentic, inaccurate, and false

representations of who we are,

our history, and our experiences

marginalize, dehumanize, and criminalize

fellow and future Americans

who don't "look" or "sound American" enough.

I AM recognizes ALL Americans who contribute

to the fabric and culture of America –

regardless of where you're from,

when you got here,

what you look like,

what language you speak,

how you identify,

or how you pray.

I AM celebrates America's diversity

as America's strength.

We are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,

husbands, wives, friends, and lovers.

We are freedom fighters, justice warriors,

underdogs, survivors, revolutionaries, 

inventors, adventurers, innovators,

entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

We are makers, creators, and builders –

We built America.

I AM is for ALL Americans

who are proud of who and what we are -

Our culture is American Culture.

Our dream is the American Dream.

Our way is the American Way.

This is our country, this is our home.

I AM is Inclusively American Made.

I AM is YOU. I AM is US.

Welcome Home.


Create. Change. Consistently.

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